Debbie Bennett, Pet Doctors
Veterinary surgeon
East Horsley, Guildford

Debbie Bennett


Veterinary Surgeon

Practices: East Horsley & Guildford

Debbie qualified in 2005 from Bristol university and after a short stint at a neutering clinic in Romania she started work at a small and large animal practice in Devon. In 2010 Debbie made the move with her husband to the south east to concentrate on small animal work only and started at Pet Doctors. She left Onslow in 2015 to work in the Guildford Pet Doctors emergency clinic for a few years but have now happily returned to Onslow Village where I shall hopefully stay for the foreseeable.

Debbie lives in Aldershot with my husband and three boys, a crazy flat coated retriever called Beatrix, aloof cat Byron and two bunnies called Donut and Ice cream. She would love to say she has a hobby but this lot keeps her pretty busy for now!