About us

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About us

Pet Doctors are your local community vets with clinics across Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

We are a group of 23 small animal practices. We are passionate about animal care and our skilled team of veterinary surgeons and nurses are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your animals.

Our history

Pet Doctors was formed in 1998 in West Sussex and has grown in size to include 29 sites including a MiNightVet dedicated out of hours practice in Woking.

In March 2010, Pet Doctors was acquired by CVS (UK) Limited and now operates as part of this larger group of veterinary practices and veterinary service providers.

Why choose Pet Doctors to care for your pet?

Our staff

All our staff are passionate about animal care. They attend regular training sessions to update their skills, ensuring that your pet receives the best care at all times. Our large team are a great source of information so if you have any concerns about your pet they will be happy to offer advice and give you peace of mind.

Find out more about our team.

Our clinics and facilities

Pet Doctors clinics offer a range of appointment times to suit your needs.

All our veterinary clinics are equipped with the best equipment to ensure we can offer a comprehensive service. Many of our veterinary clinics have in-house laboratories so that we can bring you important results as quickly as possible.

Veterinary nurse clinics offer general healthcare advice as well as advice on caring for pets with long-term diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc.

We regularly update and review our procedures to ensure we are bringing our patients the most effective, safe and modern veterinary treatments. We do all this to give your pet the best possible care and make it as comfortable as we can at what can be a stressful time for all.

Affordable healthcare schemes

Ask our team about the Healthy Pet Club, an affordable healthcare scheme offering a variety of benefits.

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